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About Travel Toyz

Travel Toyz was created in 2018 after taking a very mobile baby on a 6 hour plane ride! Owen was a 13 month old master at crawling and standing and did not want to be confined to our laps for 6 minutes, let alone 6 hours. We googled, pinterested, and wandered the isles of Walmart, searching for toys to entertain him on our journey. They had to be quiet, not messy, inexpensive and most of all, FUN for a little baby! And that is the tricky part - babies don't color, they don't have favorite TV shows, can't tap their way around a tablet. They just want new exciting the spring door stop in your hallway! These toys are for babies in THAT stage. Ones who need to explore and like getting reactions out of their toys. Travel Toyz are for parents to use as tool to keep their baby entertained. Children need to be supervised and shown how to use the items. They are perfect for the close quarters of an airplane lap baby, and also work great for kids in car seats with an adult sitting next to them. Be sure to watch our video on the main page for ways to get the most fun out of your Travel Toyz pack. Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!        

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